4 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses


Every New Year begins with a wave of energy and inspiration. We suggest using this motivation to better your small business through setting some New Year’s resolutions, ensuring that your newfound drive will propel your business through 2016 and continue to the future.

Whether you are aiming to increase your online presence or improving customer relationships, these 4 resolutions will minimize your stress levels and ease you into a successful and profitable new year.

Resolution #1: refresh social media presence

While the three most influential social media platforms for small businesses are still Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is now more important than ever for small business owners to increase their influence over rising visual platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

Engaging with your consumers and client base through responding to comments and posts on these platforms can help boost awareness and increase your business’ reputation.

Resolution #2: create or improve your website

You need to know how to best present your business online, as the web is increasingly becoming a major component of business expansion. Having a professional, interactive and informative website will showcase your business to the world. It can help you connect with your consumers and convey your business message and goals.

Considering the importance of the online community for small businesses, it is worth investing in a professional website development site, which are easily accessible online.

Resolution #3: content marketing

A recent survey* found that 93% of marketers are using content marketing today. Many businesses are interested in this as it can drive search engine rankings and heighten customer interest.

Producing a “content calendar” can help you schedule content such as social media posts, blog posts and website updates. The importance of creating and distributing this content in a timely and scheduled manner increases the likelihood of attracting your target market and maintaining a loyal customer-base within this.

Resolution #4: give back to your customers

Finding a way to show appreciation for your customers and clients should be a resolution for any business and is an important part of maintaining a strong relationship with your customers.

Some businesses use discounts, freebies or special offers to reward their loyal customer base. Small businesses are also encouraged to use these as a way of thanking their clients.

Appreciation can be shown in your content marketing and social media plans, through taking time to personally respond to supporters. This is a much more personal approach and will ensure that these relationships will be long-term.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for your business in 2016?



Photo credit: http://www.dreamstime.com/vladzetter_info#res9447093

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