Build it and they will come

With more and more brands selling online, pop-up shops present a perfect way for customers to experience the touch and feel of a product, and connect with the brand on another level.

They’re a great strategy for:

  • A wholesale brand that doesn’t have the opportunity to connect directly with customers through their own store;
  • A brand that only sells online; or
  • A brand that wants to test out or have a short-term presence in a new location.

Pop-ups can create very powerful brand experiences, with the most successful capturing the essence of the brand and screaming it for all to see. Being a short-term sales channel they need to immediately garner attention from passers-by, as well as from the media.

An excellent example of a pop-up that had clear brand identity is Adidas:


How to create it: Using a product like Eco-board you can create anything from furniture and small pop ups, to huge detailed structures, all entirely custom printed for your brand. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, offering different strengths for different uses, all made from recycled fibres.

Your pop-up size and location will dictate some creative decisions, for example a pop-up in a shopping centre will come with strict criteria for what you can and can’t do with the space, compared to a more free-standing outdoor location.

Some cool outdoor pop-ups:



How to create it: Eco-board would again be perfect for creating that ‘kraft’ look of a cardboard box pop up. Use wall and floor graphics to brand the interior and exterior.

Well branded indoor pop-ups:




How to create it: Spell out your brand name, tag line or current social campaign hashtag in giant lettering. Use wall and floor graphics to brand the interior, and banners and fabric frames to create temporary walls and divisions. Fit-out your store with custom shelving made out of Eco-board, acrylic or other substrates.

Check out more inspirational pop-ups on the DisplayBAY Pinterest board.

If you have a pop-up event coming up, contact DisplayBAY with your vision and they will make it come to life!


Article and photos kindly provided by DisplayBAY – large print and display experts 

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