Market Your Seasonal Business


As a small business, one of the important leverages that a business could potentially make use of is seasonal changes. Customers exhibit predictable behavioral changes during different seasons of the year, due to changes in weather and the activities associated with it, and the various festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

What is Seasonal Marketing?

Firstly, it is important to have a clear understanding of what seasonal marketing really is. As the term itself suggests, it involves changing and adapting marketing strategies to different seasons. However, there is in fact much more beneath the surface. The true essence of seasonal marketing lies in analyzing the change in consumer preferences and readily catering to that change. These changes can be due to weather, holidays, birthdays of famous people, sports seasons, or anniversaries.

Take the Christmas shopping season as an example, we are all aware that consumers would be more inclined to purchase gifts for their family, themselves, as well as their friends during this period, hence many businesses would offer discounts, give-aways, membership benefits, coupon codes, and a wide variety of other incentives during this shopping season to encourage consumers to purchase even more.

Take Full Advantage of the Retail Opportunities

The key to taking full advantage of these great opportunities is to always start planning and preparing early. For example, the fourth quarter is a crucial time for retail businesses, big and small alike. There is the huge Christmas shopping season, Black Friday, the New Year, and pretty soon after that will the Valentine’s Day period. It will tremendously help your business to maximize revenue during this period if you start preparing early. Study the latest trends in consumer preferences for that particular year, do your research on what kind of gifts are favored by customers, and most importantly, start marketing early to increase customer awareness.

Of course, there are other ways of making use of seasonal opportunities as well. One important aspect of it is seasonal products and services. Generally speaking, people like to do more outdoor activities and play more sports during the summer holidays, and some choose to go to the beach or even travel to different places. These are all factors that businesses need to consider when promoting their products or services during summer.

Analyzing the Data

Today, we’re all living in a digital world where the Internet plays a huge role in our lives and provides precious data for business owners. It can be a powerful tool for businesses to collect useful data and information. Through analyzing that data, businesses would have a clear picture of the changes and shifts in consumer preferences and purchasing habits.

Sometimes, the Internet can play a crucial and irreplaceable role in helping businesses to make decisions where traditional methods might not work as well. For instance, if a particular retail business is planning to take advantage of the growing number of Chinese tourists in recent years and wish to find out more about Chinese tourists’ spending behaviors, the Internet can be of great help in that case.

In conclusion, seasonal marketing is definitely much more than just selling different products at different times of the year. It involves a great deal of planning, collecting data and analyzing that data, devising strategies and eventually executing those strategies appropriately.

Photo credit: © Mrivserg | – Vegetable Stall Photo

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