The Food Truck That Did.

One of the best ways to learn about a new city or culture is through the food and for the absolute best in local cuisine, the ubiquitous food truck is the way to go.

Steeped in history, the food truck and street vendor have served many people over the years, initially growing up in urban areas where massive construction projects were taking place. Mobile food trucks were able to come to the construction workers providing a quick and easy meal which was always more welcome than the traditional sandwich from home.

Today is no different. Food trucks go where the people are. The one big change is that the role of these mobile food vendors has evolved into them being an intricate part a city’s night life, a standard at fete’s and shows, busy along beachfronts and parks and seen at all sorts events and shows – and now popular in shopping center car parking lots.

Food trucks are these days taking on short term rentals whether they be for a single day, a weekend, a few days or nights or a week. Their great benefit is that they offer an extremely wide range of culinary choices and can rotate locations easily moving on to the next one travelling to where they are wanted and to where people congregate.  Shopping centres that don’t have a strong food offering also welcome food trucks selling everything from donuts to frozen drinks to corn on a stick to the widest range of international tastes that you can imagine.

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